What’s my favourite makeup brand?

Posted by on Mar 30, 2012

Favourite Makeup BrandIt’s the question I’m asked the most… but unfortunately not one I can succinctly answer by naming just one brand! At this moment in time, I don’t believe one brand has been able to corner the market with the perfect range of makeup, primers, and brushes.

Some of my favourite, staple products come from the brands pictured (left). As you can imagine, deciding what goes into my kit, involves a lot of trialling. It’s an essential part of my job, especially as new (and sometimes better) formulas are released each year. Here are some of the key things I look for:

Foundations and concealers: they must work on a range of skin tones (fair, medium, dark), undertones (pink, yellow, neutral) and skin types (oily, dry, combination). On any one job, I’ll have at least four different types of foundation (liquid, cream, powder and stick) in my kit.

Pigment payoff: products that have strong pigments are a must. These allow me to achieve the look efficiently (less re-dipping to “build” colour), and have a longer staying power which is important for maintaining the look after I have left.

Flash photography friendly: even on jobs where you don’t think photos are going to be taken, they are. Every moment, even behind the scenes ones are captured and viewed. So I only use products that can withstand a harsh flash.