When more is less

Posted by on Oct 15, 2008

Still on the topic of cleansers, I happened to be chatting about my routine yesterday. The fact that I normally cleanse once a day (at night) was met with surprise (and I think even a dirty look)! Do you think cleansing twice a day is necessary?

Our obsession for cleansing often begins in our teenage years. Along with the surge in oil production, cleansing morning and night to keep the pimples at bay becomes a routine. As adults, we often continue the habit of cleansing twice a day, whether our skin needs it or not.

For people with normal to dry skin, too much cleansing can dry their skin out further. Unfortunately, some people choose to address this dryness by buying a richer (or expensive) moisturiser, rather than reducing cleansing itself. However, once the natural skin moisture is lost, it’s not as easily restored with serums and creams.

If you’ve properly removed all your makeup in the evening, cleansing in the morning is redundant. Assuming you’ve only been sleeping, a splash of (cool to warm) water on your face will be sufficient.