Winter checklist

Posted by on Jun 15, 2012

It’s hard thinking about makeup when the sky is grey, the wind is strong and your brain feels like it’s frozen. So here’s a quick checklist of things you should look at (makeup-wise) in these cooler months:

  • Check your foundation colour.

If your skin colour varies dramatically from summer to winter, make sure that the foundation you are wearing matches the skin you have now. For people who brown easily (even through incidental sun exposure when wearing sunscreen), I recommend keeping at least two different shades of foundation on hand throughout the year.

  • Go through¬†all your liquid based makeup products.

Many of these items would have passed their used by date after surviving the humid months of summer and autumn. To check if a product is still ok, look at its colour, consistency (runny, dry, or separating) and finally smell it! Most liquid products give off an unpleasant odour when they are well over their used by date.

  • Adjust your skincare routine.

Often just changing your moisturiser or cleanser (or both) will allow you to continue using the same makeup products you wear in summer. Remember, if your skincare isn’t doing its job, it’s difficult for makeup to look its best.

  • Limit your use of powder.

While powder is essential for increasing the staying power of your makeup, it will also stick to and highlight flaky, dry skin. Use it sparingly while the air is dry.

  • Resist the temptation to dose yourself in artificial heat (heaters, electric blankets and hot showers).

It’s the quickest way to aggravate rosacea – there’s only so much green concealer a girl can wear to neutralise it! It’s also extremely dehydrating and makes fine lines look worse than they actually are.