Is your winter skin drinking your makeup?

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

winter skin and makeupIf you get to mid-morning or the start of your lunch break and notice that your makeup has mysteriously disappeared, there’s a good chance your skin has drunk it up! In these cooler months, external influences like artificial heating and cool winds will make your skin dry and thirsty, and your disappearing makeup is often the first indicator of it.

Before rushing to change your makeup routine, I always recommend looking at your skincare and diet first. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is the key to hydrating your skin, and of course reducing its thirst-factor! Secondly have a look at your moisturiser. If you’re still using the same one you do in summer, there’s a chance it isn’t rich enough to meet the demands of winter. Remember that if your skincare isn’t doing its job, it’s difficult for makeup to look its best. Only once you’ve satisfied both these things is it time to look in your makeup bag.


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