Yes you can – Michelle Obama

Posted by on Jan 21, 2009

While the majority of us were all ears for Obama’s inauguration speech early this morning, all eyes were definitely on Michelle: her dresses, hair and makeup. And while often her choice of clothes has made headlines (for good or bad), she consistently nails her makeup and hair look.

Regardless of the fact that Michelle has a regular make up artist on-call and her look for today was decided some weeks ago, I believe her makeup consistently works because of balance rather than exact colour choice. It’s the core of my make-up philosophy and you’ll see me refer to these issues throughout my blog.

Here’s how it worked for Michelle:

  • Michelle wore her makeup; she didn’t let her makeup wear her. She looked comfortable in her own skin and the makeup she wore was classic and fresh.
  • Michelle’s makeup was not in competition with her wardrobe. Her clothes had an element of shimmer (day and night), so she skipped the sparkle on her face.
  • Her makeup held the distance. Given she had 10 locations and dances to attend, her makeup needed to have some staying power (between off-camera retouches by her makeup artist). Her look did not require the maintenance that a strong red lip (for instance) would demand, and so held up to the cameras all night long.