Makeup Lessons Sydney


When I was growing up, makeup tips and product reviews were sparse. Now there is an abundance of makeup information online but there is nothing like a face-to-face session. In my makeup lessons, I build on the knowledge you have already acquired and tailor the lesson to your individual features and experience.

Getting to know you

In my pre-session questionnaire I get an insight into your current makeup skills, products that you use and the areas you want to improve on. Before the makeup lesson even starts, I have a clear understanding of how makeup fits into your life and what you want to achieve.

Sharing my knowledge

Conducting makeup lessons are definitely one of the most satisfying areas of my business. I want you to avoid the mistakes that so many people make. I enjoy sharing my passion and expertise to equip you with makeup knowledge, skills and confidence. My makeup blog will give you a glimpse of my makeup views, style and product reviews.


My independence

I am not affiliated with one makeup brand so you will benefit from my independence and during the lesson try a range of brands. I spend time talking about products that don’t work and recommend ones that do.

The lesson

My lessons are very hands on. You can read, talk or watch other people applying makeup, but it’s not the same as doing it yourself. I systematically break each makeup look into several application steps. It’s a good way to practise and build your confidence. It also makes things easier when you apply the looks at home.

After the lesson

I email a list of all the products I have recommended during our session, along with links to reputable online stores where you can buy them. I am also available for makeup advice or product queries when you need me.


The location

I am based in inner Sydney, 3.5kms from the CBD. There is parking nearby and public transport within walking distance.

What others have said

Please have a look at some testimonials below or here.

Price on application

This will depend on the type of makeup lesson you choose:
Individual makeup lesson
Group makeup lesson

“I thought the session was brilliant and would highly recommend it. There is something very special about being equipped to do your own make up well: knowing those professional tips and tricks of the trade, but still having the freedom to do it yourself in a way that allows you to feel completely comfortable with the end result.”

Penny, Individual makeup lesson

“I should have done this years ago as there are things I wish I knew when I was a lot younger. My daughter loves what she learnt on the day too. I have been using my new products and techniques for twelve months and I often get told how great my skin looks, even at the end of the day.”

Judith, Group makeup lesson

“I really enjoyed the one-on-one session. It was much better than any group makeup class I have participated in before. Wendy’s set up was beautiful, with a lot of high quality makeup products.”

Nicole, Individual makeup lesson