“My expectations were exceeded. Wendy helped me to find the perfect foundation for my skin tone and skin type, something I had not been able to do in over 20 years of searching for and buying foundation.

I learnt so much in 3 hours, and found the lesson to be a well-paced, efficient use of the time we had together. I left the lesson feeling and looking fabulous, and younger than I am! She is extremely professional, highly experienced and knowledgable, and has a no nonsense approach when it comes to talking about makeup. It has been a sound investment in my self-confidence and hip pocket!”

Jordana, Individual makeup lesson


“Wendy ticked all the boxes. She was totally approachable and made me feel comfortable at one of my most vulnerable moments. The lesson made so much sense and I trusted the processes as it was tailored to me and my objectives and I never felt like I was being sold something.”

Rebecca, Individual makeup lesson


“I loved my session with Wendy. When I think about how much I’ve spent on clothes over the years, I should’ve spent money on a make up lesson with Wendy years ago – far greater long term returns for being able to look good than an outfit I’ll end up throwing away!”

Sarah, Makeup Gift Cards


“The lesson was brilliant and I loved every minute of it. I liked using both the best of mine and Wendy’s kit to get the right finish for my face. The space was beautiful: the music and lighting created a calm atmosphere to learn in. My only worry was that I’d forget some of the techniques, so to have a recap both at the end of the session and in the follow-up email was great. I was impressed at how personalised and detailed the email was.”

Olivia, Group makeup lesson of 2


“I have previously spent a lot of money on make-up that was inappropriate (applying foundations that were too dark/light). This occurred despite the fact that I would seek advice from artists at the counter. Wendy, however was able to relate to my frustrations and had a wealth of knowledge when it came to selecting the right shade of foundation/powder/concealer to get the desired results. We mixed foundation and pigment and the results ended up better than I expected! Her lighting was also great and adjustable. It was good to look at the mirror and feel confident it’s not lying to you!”

Amal, Individual makeup lesson


“Wendy took the time to understand what I was looking for and she tailored the session for me. She has an inviting, contemporary studio space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

I thought the process to determine the best foundation for my skin tone was really interesting (cheek and neck contrasts) and highlighted to me how important it is to get foundation right.

The follow up email with the product list was fantastic. It was great to have comments on how to use each product to jog my memory and having in-store and online shopping options were really helpful.”

Simmone, Individual makeup lesson


“I thought the session was brilliant and would highly recommend it. There is something very special about being equipped to do your own make up well: knowing those professional tips and tricks of the trade, but still having the freedom to do it yourself in a way that allows you to feel completely comfortable with the end result. I think that strikes the perfect balance between objectively looking good and feeling that you can still allow your own personality to shine through.”

Penny, Individual makeup lesson


“I loved that Wendy used a range of different products and mixed high and low end ones to give me the best look. The space was beautiful and helped me enjoy this gift experience. The session has helped me to change the way I present myself to the world, and even the way I feel about myself. Who knew a makeup lesson would make such a difference!”

Jo, Makeup Gift Cards


“Wendy has a professional, friendly and realistic approach to make up. It was a lovely experience and a very useful one. I wasn’t familiar with some of the products but they have worked very well and helped me achieve the well groomed look I was after. I trust Wendy’s opinion and like that she isn’t selling one specific product range.”

Clara, Makeup Gift Cards


“Having just turned 50, I realised that it was time to rethink my look to reflect a more subtle sophisticated image. But without any knowledge of what colours suited me, what products are needed and what are not, and application technique, I was lost. Then I saw Wendy’s website and what she had to say really resonated with me. Once I had my lesson I was astounded at the flawless and professional look that you can achieve yourself with the right products and know how. The makeup list was a fulsome follow up. I only wish that I’d found Wendy years ago, but better late than never.”

Jacqueline, Individual makeup lesson


“Wendy’s makeup advice was invaluable and probably one of the most worthy investments I have made. My melasma is no longer visible with makeup and I feel saved by Wendy from using the wrong shade of foundation. I must have looked like a ghost :-)”

Rima, Individual makeup lesson


“A very professional service. Wendy delivers what she says she will. Great product and application knowledge. Mindful of the client’s needs not just the latest trends. Very professional but also personable manner. Could have stayed all day. Would highly recommend. Especially great idea for young girls starting their makeup journey. May as well learn all the tricks in the beginning. Also great for those who may feel stuck in a rut!”

Sandra, Individual makeup lesson


“I wish I did this a lot earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and stress. Thanks so much Wendy. I loved the follow up list which allowed me to focus on the lesson and not take notes. I came out of the makeup lesson feeling a lot more confident and actually excited about how I can wear makeup more regularly.”

Enisa, Group makeup lesson of 2


“Wendy is warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in. Really learnt a lot from the lesson, and really loved how Wendy included you in the lesson, getting you to apply the make-up yourself and helping your perfect your technique. Overall was a very productive and enjoyable lesson!”

Callie, Individual makeup lesson


“It was a great session and I wish I had done it sooner. The makeup space was nice and intimate and the makeup lights, while initially a bit confronting, are essential! My new everyday work makeup look is fresh and light, it makes me feel much more confident, and never looks like I have gone over the top. I immediately threw out my old foundation! There is a lot to take in, so it’s nice to come away with a list to look back on. Thank you Wendy!”

Annette, Group makeup lesson of 2


“The session was brilliant. Wendy took the time to work with each of us individually and as a group. The techniques and colours she used were tailored to suit each of us. We all took away so many different and useful tips.”

Kate, Group makeup lesson of 3


“Thanks for a great time, I felt really comfortable and felt the lesson was purely catered just for me. In this age and day it’s common to feel like being back at school in a lot of makeup lessons but I never felt like that at Wendy’s studio.”

Kat, Group makeup lesson of 2


“From the first point of contact Wendy was personable, professional, informative and easy to get on with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat! The session was hands on and Wendy worked out what colours suited me and taught me skills and techniques that I am using straight away! Overall it was a great experience.”

Annie, Individual makeup lesson


“I consider myself to have very high expectations. Wendy not only met them but exceeded them. I felt that she really took the time to understand my lifestyle and personality. She took this information and tailored her lesson to suit me. Her no fuss approach means that I have a new makeup routine that is actually achievable. Totally worth the money.”

Lauren, Individual makeup lesson


“I was nervous beforehand about the session but am so pleased that I did it both for the results and just how enjoyable Wendy made the session. I specifically had the lesson for doing my wedding day makeup but now I’m incorporating bits and pieces from that look into the makeup I wear on a daily basis. I have much more fun getting ready to go out! What exceeded my expectations were the lengths that Wendy went to after the session to help me source everything, at the last minute, for my wedding day. I have been able to achieve great results with the products recommended and they also weren’t too expensive.”

Laura, Individual makeup lesson


“I should have done this years ago as there are things I wish I knew when I was a lot younger. My daughter loves what she learnt on the day too. I have been using my new products and the new techniques for twelve months and I often get told how great my skin looks, even at the end of the day. No more red cheeks. The lighting was very good and the makeup area was lovely.”

Judith, Group makeup lesson of 2


“I can’t recommend Wendy high enough. I was a little worried 2.5 hours might be too long, but it went by quickly and Wendy was so friendly and easy going, I felt at ease right away. The space was absolutely beautiful. It made the session feel more special but comfortable at the same time. The products were really good quality and easy to use, with most being versatile for more than one area. I especially enjoyed being able to get customised advice and trying the application myself under Wendy’s guidance.”

Elena, Group makeup lesson of 2


“I really enjoyed the session. It was much better than any group makeup class I have participated in before. Wendy’s set up was beautiful, with a lot of high quality makeup products. My favourite tip was her showing me that by enhancing my eyebrows I could reduce my eye makeup. I have already purchased some of the products and changed my daily routine.”

Nicole, Individual makeup lesson


“It was a completely delightful gift experience. I arrived feeling haggard and left with glowing flawless skin and shining eyes! It couldn’t have been better.”

Lisa, Makeup Gift Cards


“This was a really good investment for me. I really liked that the makeup lesson was quite ‘hands on’ and feel that I have the knowledge (and confidence) to both purchase and apply appropriate products for my skin type.”

Michelle, Individual makeup lesson


“Wendy is a very good at her job and very friendly as well. I would like to go for an advanced course with her. I have definitely changed the way I apply makeup since then and my favourite tip was how to revive my makeup at the end of the day.”

Varsha, Individual makeup lesson


“My girlfriend and I had a great day. I hadn’t been satisfied with my makeup for some time, and am looking forward to my new look. The space was lovely and the products used were excellent. Wendy, you are an extremely warm person and very talented. So pleased I found you!”

Cheryl, Group makeup lesson of 2


“Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. The products were very good and I was impressed by the way you used many different brands and prices. The studio space was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other friends.”

Gloria, Group makeup lesson of 2


“Very informative and worthwhile lesson. Wendy is lovely, knowledgeable, intelligent and helpful.”

Liz, Individual makeup lesson


“I never really knew my way around make up and have always found it daunting….Wendy gave me the confidence to put it on myself… correctly! It’s definitely put an end to wrong make up purchases especially ones that don’t suit me or my skin tone.”

Sheryl, Individual makeup lesson


“I really liked that I could contact Wendy after the lesson as well. We used a lot of makeup that I already owned and she was great at recommending brands that were within my price range!”

Bridget, Individual makeup lesson


“The atmosphere was really relaxed. I actually thought that 2 hours would be a long time but it went by so quickly! I left feeling not only more confident about applying my own make-up but also what products suit me. Wendy made what I originally thought was very daunting …(ie a smoky eye) so simple and easy!

Mel, Individual makeup lesson


“Everyone loved the eye makeup and so did I. Thanks so much Wendy! And what a comprehensive list and revision of our lesson! I am very excited to get practising…..I no longer feel scared of applying eye makeup as I was before. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends, and am already thinking about doing another class to learn more.”

Erika, Individual makeup lesson


“Wendy gave me lots of great tips and it was fantastic. She covered all of the topics from my pre-lesson makeup questionnaire, was very patient and answered all of my questions!”

Amy, Individual makeup lesson


“My biggest difficulty was how to use makeup to make my hooded eyes look bigger. Thank you Wendy. I really enjoyed the makeup lesson and meeting you as well.”

Dany, Individual makeup lesson


”I really appreciated the time taken at the start to make sure you understood exactly what I wanted. And that is definitely what I walked away with – very very happy!”

Michelle, Individual makeup lesson


”I had been using products all from the one range for a long time, so it was great to try some new ones. I loved Wendy’s independence in her product choices. It was also really helpful to learn which products I don’t really need and de-clutter my makeup bag as well as have Wendy’s guidance on the colours that best suit me.”

Laura, Individual makeup lesson